Digital Solutions. Made in Switzerland.
Competent, creative, customer-focused.

We are a team of dedicated software engineers and machine learning experts united by our passion for high quality software. Equipped with educational backgrounds in mathematics, computer science and business, we apply our experience in academic and industrial software development and consulting to tackle complex IT problems in a flexible and goal-driven way.

Based in Winterthur, Switzerland, we develop custom-made software solutions completely in-house.

Martin Keller

Business Solutions

MBA IESE Business School

Sara Wick

Business Solutions

MA Computer Linguistics

Aaron Richiger

Machine Learning

MSc ETH Zurich in Computer Science

Patrick Emmisberger

Lead Software Engineer

MSc ETH Zurich in Computer Science

Benjamin von Deschwanden

User Experience and Design

MSc ETH Zurich in Computer Science


Moisej Braver

Data Scientist and DQL Acrobat

BSc in Mathematics

Gábor Stefán

Frontend Developer

MSc in Actuarial Science

Nico Strebel

Backend Developer

BSc in Computer Science