Get more out of your documents with MINT.extract

Your business success relies on valuable data. However, much business-relevant information is unstructured and locked inside documents such as scans, PDFs, or e-mails. To extract information manually is a repetitive and error-prone task that costs you time and money.

  • MINT.extract is a dedicated software solution which automates your document analysis. With the help of artificial intelligence, it decodes documents even if they vary in structure and layout. Train, validate and extend a learning system based on your documents and use it in your daily work.
  • MINT.extract enables you to automate business processes and improve your analytics.

MINT.extract is in productive use in the following industries

Legal & Tax

  • Contract analyses
  • Legislative texts
  • Tax statements

Financial Industry

  • Bank statements
  • Pension certifcates
  • Product termsheets


  • Medical records
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Laboratory reports


  • Sales orders
  • Shipping certificates
  • Freight bills


  • Insurance policies
  • Quotes comparison
  • Claims handling


  • Archived files
  • Official certificates
  • Book series

Your advantages with MINT.extract

  • Read any kind of document
  • Understand any language
  • No programming skills required

Select the plan which fits you best ...

Quick Start
Explore machine learning on your documents and use MINT.extract in a productive business environment

What you get

  • User interface to train your own machine learning system including a continuous feedback loop
  • 1 user
  • 1 document type
  • 10 data points
  • 1'000 pages per month
  • Export as Excel, JSON, XML
  • Standard API

Support & Services included

  • Onboarding session
  • Online documentation
  • 2 check-up sessions
  • Email support
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Drive your business processes with MINT.extract and free up your data for you and your customers

What you get

  • Pre-trained learning system on your documents
  • User interface to further train your machine learning system including a continuous feedback loop
  • Up to 10 users
  • 3 different document types
  • 60 data points
  • 10'000 pages per month
  • Export as Excel, JSON, XML
  • Extended API
  • Dedicated web editor to validate extracted data

Support & Services included

  • Onboarding session
  • Online documentation and webinars
  • 4 check-up sessions
  • Email support
  • Phone assistance
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Maximize customer success and benefit from MINT.extract as a powerful learning engine

Request customized features & services

  • Scalable page quota plan
  • Unlimited number of data points
  • Classification services
  • Embed your internal data sources for automated validation
  • Data enrichments
  • Data normalization and transformation
  • Integration services (Email, Sharepoint, DMS, Enterprise Authentication, etc.)
  • Individual hosting requirements (on-premise solution, etc.)
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