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What you get

  • User interface to train your own Machine Learning System including a continuous feedback loop
  • 1 user
  • 1 document type
  • 10 data points
  • 1'000 pages per month
  • Export as Excel, JSON, XML
  • Standard API

Support & Services included

  • Onboarding session
  • Online Documentation
  • 2 check-up sessions
  • Email support
CHF 600/month
Initial Setup Fee starting from CHF 6'000
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What you get

  • Pre-trained learning system on your documents
  • User interface to further train your Machine Learning System including a continuous feedback loop
  • Up to 10 users
  • 3 different document types
  • 60 data points
  • 10'000 pages per month
  • Export as Excel, JSON, XML
  • Extended API
  • Dedicated Web Editor to validate extracted data

Support & Services included

  • Onboarding session
  • Online documentation and webinars
  • 4 check-up sessions
  • Email support
  • Phone assistance
CHF 1'800/month
Initial Setup Fee starting from CHF 20'000
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Request customized features & services

  • Scalable page quota plan
  • Unlimited number of data points
  • Classification services
  • Embed your internal data sources for automated validation
  • Data enrichments
  • Data normalization and transformation
  • Integration services (Email, Sharepoint, DMS, Enterprise Authentication, etc.)
  • Individual hosting requirements (FINMA certified servers, on-premise solution, etc.)
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* Limited offer is valid until the end of December 2019 within Europe, excl. VAT (7.7%). Minimum subscription period of 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which document formats can you handle?
    We can work with anything that can be transformed into a PDF. Therefore, we can handle paper, scans, PDFs and any other electronic format.
  • What languages do you support?
    Anything that is read from top left to bottom right. If you would like to process something like Hebrew, talk to us.
  • Can you process handwritten documents?
    As of today, we cannot extract information from handwritten documents. If you know of a technology that is able to do so on a broad scale, please let us know 😊.
  • Is my sensitive data stored when using MINT.extract?
    We do not store any customer data for longer than it takes to process the document.
  • Where does the service run?
    It is easiest to use MINT.extract in the cloud. If you have special requirements for an on-premise solution, the service can be installed on your own machines via Docker container.
  • Can I cancel or change my subscription plan at any time?
    The minimum subscription period is 12 months, but you can always perform upgrades (e.g. increase quota plan, add classification services etc.).
  • What is the calculation basis of the quota plan?
    The standard quota plan is based on the number of pages processed.
  • What happens when I exceed my quota?
    We can dynamically increase your quota in consultation with you.
  • How are payments being handled?
    The initial set up fee and a monthly license fee are invoiced at the beginning of the month.
  • Are there any special technical requirements that users have to be aware of?
    No, you do not need any programming skills or specific technical expertise to use the MINT.extract service.
  • What is the difference between a 'Document Type' and a 'Document Class'?
    Document types typically have different data schemes (e.g. purchase orders vs. policy insurance vs. pension certificate). In contrast, document classes have the same data scheme but differ among classes in terms of the structure or layout of the document (e.g. purchase order of client A vs. purchase order of client B vs. purchase order of client C).
  • What are 'Data Points'?
    Data Points are individual information items, text fields or images, which get extracted from the document. For example, “Name”, “Address, “Contract Number”, “Delivery Date” etc.
  • Can the extracted data be validated automatically?
    Yes, the extracted data points can be validated automatically against customer-specific reference data or business rules.
  • Can I benefit from 'Data Normalization' and 'Transformation'?
    Yes, you can benefit from automated data refinements (e.g. transform calendar dates into a standardized format).
  • What do you mean by 'Enrichments'?
    The structured data can be enriched using external and internal data sources. E.g.: Automated lookup of coordinates based on street addresses.
  • What's the difference between 'Standard API' and 'Extended API'?
    The standard API allows for simple request-response processing of documents files. An extended API delivers additional confidence values for the structured output data. API integration documentation will be provided.

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